Symphonie Aqua System

Symphonie System

Yakima Orthotics & Prosthetics proudly presents…

The Most Comfortable Socket
using the
Symphonie Aqua System

This is the most advanced socket casting process in the world today.  We are the only provider in central Washington to offer this new technology.  Our licensed and certified prosthetists are trained and ready to use this state-of-the-art system to help our below-knee amputees get a perfect fit.  

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The system is designed for lower leg prostheses.  This technology allows the prosthetist to cast an accurate replica of the connective tissue and bony structures of the residual limb, resulting in a socket that is a perfect fit. By improving prosthetic comfort, we will help amputees achieve higher mobility and improved quality of life.

Essentially the residual limb is still cast in plaster, but instead of sitting down during the casting, the amputee stands and fully bears their weight in the pressurized tank—capturing a print of the cast with the play back pressures of the residual limb. The complete structure of the residual limb and the shaft is mapped.

Consistently capture true anatomy under weight-bearing conditions.

Symphonie Patient

This innovative technology makes it possible to accurately capture a limb’s anatomy under full weight bearing conditions.  The hydrostatic cylinder replicates the exact forces one would experience while standing in a prosthetic socket so that the impression that is achieved during the casting process, is an accurate representation of the patient’s limb under load.  The accuracy of the weight bearing impression eliminates the need for cast modifications and enables the practitioner to efficiently provide the patient with a comfortable, well-fitting socket.

Let’s Sum Up the Advantages

  • Consistently and efficiently capture an accurate impression of limb exactly as it would be under weight-bearing conditions.
  • Know about sensitive and problem areas before socket is created.
  • Facilitate maximal clinical efficiency by reducing or eliminating the need for cast modifications and multiple check socket fittings.
  • Increase patient satisfaction via increased comfort and faster functional progression.

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