Prosthetic Evaluations

Managing the clinical rehabilitation of the patient truly takes a team effort. The physician, prosthetist and physical therapist will communicate with each other and the patient to determine the best treatment options. The prosthetist will evaluate the patient’s limb and discuss with patient their goals for rehabilitation. A treatment plan will be devised and discussed with the patient to answer all of their questions.

Prosthetic Appointments

A knowledgeable and skilled practitioner will treat you or your loved one. We will provide a caring, personable, professional, and private environment for your appointment.

Each appointment will begin with an evaluation to determine the most appropriate device for your needs, and progresses (at your request) providing you have a prescription from your physician.

  • At your request, a written estimate of the cost can be provided to you.
  • Our office staff will contact your insurance company to determine coverage and benefits available for you.
  • When you have made the decision to go forward, a mold and/or measurements may be taken for the purpose of providing you with the most appropriate device available.
  • While several appointments may be required to insure the best outcome, in some cases only one appointment may be necessary.

Working together with you, your physician, and/or therapist insures the best possible treatment for each patient’s individual needs.