Orthotic Evaluations

Managing the clinical rehabilitation of the patient truly takes a team effort. The physician, orthotist and physical therapist will communicate with each other and the patient to determine the best treatment options. The orthotist will evaluate the patient’s needs and discuss solutions with the patient. We will learn their goals for rehabilitation and design a device to accomplish their goals. We welcome discussions to answer all of the patient’s questions.

Orthotic Appointment Process

Obtaining an orthotic device generally follow this outline:

Appointment #1: Evaluation of the patient’s needs and discuss solutions. Obtain a fiberglass cast of patient that we use to manufacture the device.

Appointment #2: Fit and delivery of the device taking the time to ensure we obtain desired function and provide optimal comfort to the patient.

Appointment #3: Follow up with the patient to confirm patient’s satisfaction with the device. Adjust the device as needed to obtain function and comfort.