AllSTAR Team

Tri-Cities Orthotics & Prosthetics is proud to announce that we are a member of the Orthomerica AllSTAR team of cranial clinicians. This clinical network is made up of exceptional clinicians dedicated to the care of infants with deformational plagiocephaly and post-operative craniosynostosis using the STAR® Family of cranial remolding orthoses manufactured by Orthomerica Products, Inc.

The AllSTAR clinical network was developed to recognize and promote the clinical expertise of orthotic clinicians who specialize in the management of infants with skull deformities.  Tamara Carswell, Licensed and Certified Prosthetist/Orthotist (LCPO) and Jennifer Wolbach, LCPO are both very experienced in working with babies who require this intervention.

This program creates the largest global footprint of cranial specialists and thereby enhances parents’ access to the highest quality clinical care programs. The AllSTAR network focuses on evidence-based medicine and contributes clinical outcomes data that will be used to quantify the efficacy of STARband cranial programs. AllSTAR membership is maintained through continuing education, use of standardized clinical protocols, provision of excellent patient care, and ongoing professional contributions to this medical specialty.

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