Upper Extremity Orthotics

Humeral Fracture

Description: Bivalved polyethylene with circumferential straps provides total contact through circumferential compression of soft tissue.

Function: Immobilization and alignment of fracture while allowing range of motion at the shoulder and elbow joints.

Indication: Closed humeral fractures

Contraindication: Spasticity, open fractures, neurological deficit

Wrist Hand Orthosis (WHO)

Description: Soft material with rigid stay.

Function: Immobilizes the wrist and keeps it extended at 15 degrees.

Indication: Carpal tunnel fracture

Contraindication: Dramatic volume changes

Elbow ROM

Description: Soft material with rigid stays, and a range of motion joint that can be locked at any angle if needed.

Function: Elbow Immobilization or controlled range of motion.

Indication: Olecranon fractures. Distal humeral fractures.

Contraindication: Open Fractures, wrist or hand needs support as well.

Shoulder Orthosis Figure 8

Description: Figure of “8” Prefabricated. Dacron strapping that wraps around the shoulder

Function: Forces the shoulder into extension.

Indication: Clavicle fractures. Posture support.

Contraindication: None