Description: A semi-rigid cervical orthoses that supports the occiput and chin in order to decrease range of motion (ROM) from C2-C5. A thoracic extension can be added to increase motion restriction and treat C6-T2 injuries. It consists of a 2-piece system made of polyethylene, with a soft, washable lining

Function: Provide immobilization to the neck

Indications: • Anterior cervical fusion • Halo removal • Dens type I cervical fractures of C2 • Anterior diskectomy • Suspected cervical trauma in unconscious patients • Teardrop fracture of the vertebral body (Note: Some teardrop fractures require anterior decompression and fusion.) • Cervical strain

Contraindications: • Unstable fracture • Neural Involvement • Occipitalatlantal Dislocation

Rx: Diagnosis