Knee Ankle Foot Orthosis (KAFO)

Description: Contoured plastic thigh and lower leg sections joined together with double upright knee joints; Custom molded to patient model; Design options include locking knee joints, trimlines anterior to ankle to help control medial/lateral stability; optional custom insole

Function: Provides stability to knee and ankle

Indication: Patients with weakend lower extremity in knee and ankle

Conventional Metal KAFO

Description: Double upright metal bars with knee joints and ankle joints; Ankle joints are attached to a stirrup that may be attached to shoe or footplate; Custom fabricated to tracing of patient’s leg; Can be designed with locking knee joints Pelvic section attached to adjustable hip joint with thigh cuff

Function: Provides control to knee and ankle joints

Indication: Patients with weakened lower extremity and fluctuating edema, sensory or visual impairment, unable to tolerate total contact of plastic KAFO or patient preference.