Diabetic Foot Inserts

Diabetic Foot Inserts

Description: Diabetic inserts are designed and manufactured to the highest standards of foot wellness, especially for people living with diabetes and other health conditions that affect their feet — including swelling, bunions, hammertoes and more. Available custom molded or OTS. Diabetic insert are manufactured with a EVA base of 35 durometer with 4mm Plastazote covering. Cork may be added to help support arch.

Function: Inserts provide support and accommodation of pressure points to help protect feet with neuropathy.

Indication: Medicare covers diabetic shoes, inserts and modifications for program beneficiaries only if the following criteria are met:

(A) The Patient has diabetes and one or more of the following conditions:

—– i) Previous amputation of the other foot, or part of either foot, of

—– ii) History of previous foot ulceration of either foot, or

—– iii) History of pre-ulcerative calluses of either foot, or

—– iv) Peripheral neuropathy with evidence of callus formation of either foot, or

—– v) Foot deformity of either foot, or

—– vi) Poor circulation in either foot; and

(B) The certifying physician who is managing the patient‘s systemic diabetes condition has certified that:

(1) one or more of the indications required by (A) above are present,

(2) he or she is treating the patient under a comprehensive plan of care for his or her diabetes, and

(3) the patient needs diabetic shoes, inserts or modifications.

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